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Security breach? Don’t blame your employees

Security breach? Don’t blame your employees

as we all know, humans are often the weakest part of the security chain.”

Those are the words of Reddit CTO Christopher Slowe, who was quick to play the blame game in a post announcing that Reddit experienced a breach of internal data last week. He explained that the platform was compromised after an attacker sent “plausible-sounding prompts” to employees that redirected them to a website impersonating Reddit’s intranet portal in an attempt to steal credentials. Reddit said users’ data was safe.

Hackers successfully obtained an employee’s credentials, Slowe said, before calling out said employee — who decisively self-reported the incident to Reddit’s security team — as the “weakest link” in the company’s security defenses. (Ironically, Slowe went on to advise users to “update your password every couple of months,” a practice that is no longer recommended by most cybersecurity experts.)

Reddit isn’t alone in pointing the finger following a breach, and many organizations have defaulted to a blame culture when it comes to data security.

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