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APA Specialized Center Services

CyberSecurity Monitoring,Threat Detection & Analysis

Today, all organizations and companies have an active presence in cyberspace and a wide range of their systems and services are publicly available. But since these systems and services are based on a variety of operating systems, web servers, programming languages, email servers and other technologies in this field, any type of vulnerability in these technologies severely exposes the security of services and systems to destructive cyber risks. puts. APA specialized laboratory of Mohaghegh Ardabili University provides monitoring service for many of its customers and as soon as a new vulnerability is released, it adapts it to the customer’s systems, identifies its impact level and provides the necessary solutions to patch it. This service is very critical and keeps the covered organizations safe from serious threats.

Digital Forensics

Forensics is one of the specialized fields of this collection. For example, one of the services under this collection, which is provided by the Maher Center channel, is the real-time monitoring of the centers providing, selling and disclosing leaked information from the government and public systems of the country, which after taking the leaked samples From the hacker or the seller, the authenticity or inauthenticity of the data is checked, and then the source and vulnerability of the system that led to the mentioned data leakage is determined, and the vector of the attacker’s attack on the vulnerable system is determined. It is extracted and finally solutions based on fixing and patching vulnerabilities in the system are presented. In a comprehensive and larger plan, this collection has the ability to provide event log reading and forensic services at three operating system levels (Linux and Windows), web and network.

Web Penetration Testing

Today, with the increasing number of products and services in the field of information exchange space and their extensive use in critical and sensitive infrastructures of the country, establishing and checking the security of these spaces is one of the most important concerns of the authorities. APA Specialized Center of Ferdowsi University investigates and monitors the security of web software, websites and applications, which are not few today and their number is increasing every day.
The security of web applications is one of the main elements of all businesses that are based on the web platform. In general, the global nature of the Internet is such that web applications are attacked and damaged from different points and at different levels.
Web application security specifically deals with websites, web applications, and web services such as APIs.

Mobile Applications Penetration Testing

In recent years, the growth of the use of smart phones and mobile applications, especially in the context of the Android operating system, has expanded greatly, and it is expected that the number and use of mobile applications in various fields will also increase in the future. Due to the open source nature of Android, security concerns have always been a concern regarding mobile applications on this platform. A hacker may be able to easily break into it and exploit it in various ways (including reverse engineering and changes in the code text) and republish it.

Malware Analysis

Malware is basically pieces of code written by programmers to infect the system without the owner’s permission and do unwanted or destructive work. After entering the system, Malware can do things like sending spam emails, stealing account information and passwords, etc. APA Mashhad specialized center has developed various methods for malware analysis. These solutions help to detect malware entering the network and prevent their destructive spread so as not to cause damage to the network, infrastructure, etc.

Security Consulting

APA Specialized Center of Mashhad University is ready to provide various services in order to secure cyber infrastructures to organizations as well as manufacturers and users of information systems. The security consulting services of APA Specialized Center of Mashhad University are: Designing the security architecture of information systems 0 Providing a comprehensive plan for network and information security of the organization 0 Providing advice and technical services to obtain an information security certificate – Preparation of RFP and supervision of security services provided by various contractors – Providing comprehensive solutions and a combination of different security products in the organization – Implementation of security projects required by the organization – Implementation of study and research projects in the field of information security

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