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TikTok launches a revamped creator fund called the ‘Creativity Program’ in beta

TikTok announced today that it’s launching the beta version of a revamped creator fund called the “Creativity Program.” The company says the program is designed to generate higher revenue and unlock more opportunities for creators. The program is available starting today to select creators on an invite-only basis, with availability to all eligible creators coming soon. Given […]


WhatsApp for iOS gets picture-in-picture feature for video calls

WhatsApp is rolling out a picture-in-picture feature for its iOS app with its latest update. This allows users to access WhatsApp or other apps without shutting out the video feed on the call. The company rolled out this feature with the 23.3.77 version of its iOS app. Until now, if you switched to another app […]


Meta to sell blue badge on Instagram and Facebook as Zuckerberg borrows Musk’s playbook

Facebook-parent Meta has launched a subscription service, called Meta Verified, that will allow users to add the coveted blue check mark to their Instagram and Facebook accounts for up to $15 a month by verifying their identity, its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Sunday, tapping a new revenue channel that has returned mixed success […]


How to keep your Twitter secure without giving Elon Musk any money

ate on Friday, Twitter announced a new policy that will remove text message two-factor authentication (2FA) from any account that won’t pay for it. In a blog post, Twitter said that it will only allow accounts that subscribe to its premium Twitter Blue feature to use text message-based 2FA. Twitter users that don’t switch to a different […]


FBI confirms it’s investigating a cyber incident on its own network

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that it’s investigating malicious cyber activity on its own network. CNN reported on Friday that hackers compromised an FBI computer system at the agency’s New York field office, citing people briefed with the matter. The brief report added that the incident involved a computer system used in investigations of […]


Atlassian and Envoy briefly blame each other for data breach

Australian software giant Atlassian and Envoy, a startup that provides workplace management services, were at loggerheads on Thursday over a data breach that exposed the data of thousands of Atlassian employees. As first reported by Cyberscoop, a hacking group known as SiegedSec leaked data on Telegram this week that it claimed to have stolen from Atlassian. This […]


Fresh off its merger, Ouster-Velodyne make a bet on smart infrastructure

With lidar companies Ouster and Velodyne officially merged, CEO Angus Pacala has identified the next phase of growth. And it’s not self-driving cars or even advanced driver assistance systems. It’s smart infrastructure. “I keep saying this and people think I’m crazy, but there’s a good chance that smart infrastructure becomes our biggest vertical by a long shot […]


Royal Mail refused to pay ‘absurd’ LockBit ransom, chat logs say

The LockBit ransomware gang has published what it claims is the full transcript of its negotiations with Royal Mail, which continues to experience disruption due to last month’s cyberattack. The chat logs negotiating the ransom is the first data that LockBit has published following the cyberattack on Royal Mail, which left the British postal service unable to dispatch […]


Security breach? Don’t blame your employees

as we all know, humans are often the weakest part of the security chain.” Those are the words of Reddit CTO Christopher Slowe, who was quick to play the blame game in a post announcing that Reddit experienced a breach of internal data last week. He explained that the platform was compromised after an attacker sent “plausible-sounding prompts” to employees […]


Apple releases new fix for iPhone zero-day exploited by hackers

Apple on Monday released a new version of the iPhone and iPad’s operating systems to fix a vulnerability that hackers were exploiting in the wild, meaning they were taking advantage of it to hack Apple devices. On the security update page, Apple wrote that it “is aware of a report that this issue may have […]

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